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Stucco Repairs
There are three exterior envelope systems widely known as "Stucco":
  • Hard Coat
  • EIFS PB (Polymer based)
  • XEPS PM Very Rare

SsiS inc. Provides Repairs  for all three stucco systems.

Our findings are in no relation to Waterproof Warranty or services necessary to obtain one!

Extensive damages caused by window malfunction

Frame after replacement

Repair area ready for finish coat

Last touch ups on the trim

Damages caused by missing deck flashing

Foam board ready for glass mesh and basecoat

Basecoat ready for finish coat

Final effect
Window installation
SsiS provides services of window replacement and installation.
For free estimates please call 404 593 7273

Window malfunction is the most common reason of elevated moisture findings in stucco systems. Inadequate or missing sealant, rotting window woodframe, or structural malfunction creates multiple potential areas of moisture intrusion, that in effect will cause damages in the home structure.

Window replacement in a stucco system should be performed with extra caution. Removal of the frame pieces may cause stucco damage.

Substrat and framing damages caused by deteriorating window frame.

EIFS trim damaged while window sill replacement.

Some companies offer installation of so called replacement windows, however leaving the original frame means keeping the old issues. Even covered with aluminum flashing, the window frame is not always safe, flashing junctions are difficult to seal. Penetrating water may get trapped under the flashing and continue to damage the window frame and house framing.
The possibility of moisture intrusion due to missing sealant, window damage or malfunction increases even more when the window is situated close to ground level. Location of the window may be a factor of it's performance and longevity. Lower level windows are exposed to deflecting rain, ground vapor and shade of shrubery, while the windows under the roof overhang will show less potential for weather damage.

Replacement window covered with aluminium flashing. Missing sealant. Visible hole on the aluminum junction, 40% high moisture reading.

Low located window unit

New unit after replacement.

To assure flawless performance of the window or door unit, all our new installations are performed with high quality pvc or aluminum products (unless otherwise requested).
Pan flashing, backer rod are installed if necessary and low modulus sealant is applied around the window perimeter.
In the case of a surrounding window stucco system malfunction (for instance the trim is tilted "in") we will correct it to make sure that possibility of future moisture penetration is reduced to a minimum.
Siding repairs
SsiS provides services in the area of siding repairs and siding installation.

In case of a new system installation, we apply and warranty Hardiplank siding products only.
Upon request we will install Low-e house wrap to increase system energy efficiency.

Call 404 593 7273 for free estimates.

Stucco inspections

 All of our inspections are performed with the use of Thermal Imaging Cameras, digital probe moisture meters (Delmhorst) & exterior surface detectors (Trymax).

Use of high - tech equipment makes our investigation results very accurate.

We promise to deliver a full & complete report of your exterior wall cover performance, sealant and flashing malfunctions, moisture intrusions, structural damages and also ENERGY LOSSES.

Full inspection report includes general & detail pictures, descriptions of problem areas.
Reports are delivered to recipient in 3 business days via mail or 24 hours via e-mail if requested.

Trymax surface moisture detector

Delmhorst probe moisture reader


Pricing for Stucco or Siding detail Inspections
Thermal Imaging, visual and Written Report
Four side inspection                 $365.00
Three side inspection               $320.00
Two side inspection                 $260.00
One side inspection                  $195.00

Stucco System Identification:  Identification Only
One price                                 $95.00*

All estimates freeAll Inspections out of metro Atlanta and State of Georgia area will be subject to an additional $100 charge
All Buildings 5500 - 10 000 sq. Ft will be subject to an additional $100 charge
All Buildings 10 000 - 15 000 sq. Ft will be subject to an additional $200 charge

Waterproof Warranty

SsiS inc. provides Waterproof Warranties for stucco, siding and stucco-siding homes.

Annual price:  $100* Upon re-inspection

Repair of moisture damages to the house frame and substrate* up to $80 000
20% discount off actual market prices on:
  • diverter flashing repair and replacement  (kickout , drip cap, deck flashing)   
  • high moisture area check up (5"x 5" opening)
  • sealant repairs (All of the documented SsiS inc. sealant applications are subject to three years full  warranty
  • window, door, trim wood rot  repair (All of the documented SsiS inc. exterior wood rot repair are  subject to three years full  warranty)
Not covered:    
  • Bird/rodent damages
  • Settlement damages: cracks, loose stucco, bulges (with time & structural settlement of the house this type of damages tend to decrease in number)
  • Weather related damages: (mostly covered by home insurance)
  • Man made damages: cuts, impact damages, heat damages
  • Interior, roofing, pest damages.
  • Painting       

Our Waterproof Warranty is a legal bond that after modifications (if necessary) the house will be sealed and protected structurally from moisture intrusion.
Thanks to use of highly sophisticated moisture detections methods we are able to determine structural defect areas with incredible precision, then address their malfunction.
To obtain a Waterproof Warranty some window and door frame alterations or replacement may be necessary.
We promise to replace your windows only with quality pvc or aluminum units.
To provide bird hole coverage SsiS will need to resurface and reinforce the most compromised areas.
We will install drip cap flashings and pan (under the window sill) flashings if necessary.
We will use the highest quality low modulus sealant to waterproof affected areas.

Waterproof Warranties vs other type of coverage avelable on market.

* Renewals of other EIFS bonds & free of moisture guarantees are always being followed with large bills for maintenance – Waterproof Warranty cost one flat annual fee and everything is being taken care of.
* Other warranties are written  with "small print", very often you are surprised  how much is not covered when you renew. You may be promised hundreds or thousands of dollars in coverage but in the end, you will be disputing $500 worth of repairs.